The dolls take over! (or, try, anyway)

Note: I write in black, Rebecca in purple, Audrey in Pink, and Macy in Blue


Smile and craft AG is hosting a one-year blogiversary Giveaway!!

Smile and craft AG is hosting a one-year blogiversary giveaway!

Smile and Craft AG

Happy June 6th!

Today marks Smile and Craft AG’s one year Blogiversary!! Woohoo!

One Year Blogiversary

My first post was published this day, last year. Here it is, if you’d like to see it!

So much has happened over the past year.

I moved,

I visited Colorado,

I achieved 100+ followers,

I improved in blogging,

And SO much more!

Thank you to all my lovely readers for supporting this blog and making blogging such a wonderful experience!

Here are some stats from my year of blogging!


 Smile and Craft AG’s top 3 commenters are:

  1.  Madison
  2. Bella
  3. Kiki

In celebration of one year of Smile and Craft AG, I’m hosting my first ever giveaway!

What’s being given away, you ask?


I’ll be giving away this cute little apron! (I used a McCall’s pattern to sew it. I think the pattern was from Walmart, by the way. )


It’s made with a…

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Hi! Thank you SO much for coming to my blog! I know it’s not much now, but I hope it will become something great in the future 😀 Well, I don’t have any more to say for now, but Y’all will hear from me again soon 🙂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Alyse~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~