A Petition + My first (mini) photoshoot

This is a petition to bring back the old AG games, it was made by a girl named Rebecca.

Petition    (don’t worry, it opens in a new tab ;D)

Now for the photoshoot!

I went outside with a camera and Macy, and came back with legs full of bug bites and zillions of pictures.  Only a select few made the cut. .XD.   I know it’s very eclectic, but here they are!

Note: Please ignore the time stamp on all of them, I forgot to turn it off and editing them all out would take ages.


Oh look, my house! XD


I enhanced this one, it makes her hair look really dark.


Gazing off into the distance……. 🙂


This one is my favorite 🙂


I can’t think of anything to say for this picture….


After this picture I realized I was kneeling on an ant pile……


So I moved and took this one. 🙂


Oh look, a cool rock!


Macy found an ant pile, so I took a picture of her looking at it. 😉


It was so hard to get her dress to stay on her hand…….


What a cute little tree…… 🙂100_0577.jpg

Walking on stones 🙂



Studying a leaf…..




The end! 😀

Some bonus pictures:


This was taken the moment after the anthill picture.

Random AG fact:  Pleasant Rowland bought the first face mold from Gotz.

Random fact: A giraffe’s heart can weigh 25 lbs.!

19 thoughts on “A Petition + My first (mini) photoshoot

  1. Great photoshoot! Macy’s dress is so cute, and your pictures are really good! I think a couple of my favorites are the two of her in the grasses (Though the ants sure don’t sound like fun; Yikes!) I also like the ones of her by the little tree, and the one where she is looking out from behind a tree 🙂 . Macy is really cute! 🙂
    P.S. Thanks for re-blogging my giveaway! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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