The dolls take over! (or, try, anyway)

Note: I write in black, Rebecca in purple, Audrey in Pink, and Macy in Blue



 Alyse is busy right now, so I saw the perfect opportunity to take over!

But not without me!

And me!


You can’t do this without us!

Yes, you NEED us!

Ugh, fine. :\ 


Now we can talk about your mismatched clothing!

Why? This is ridiculous!

Yeah, I mean, we have to talk about sports!

No! We are talking about ninja stuff!

What? No, we have to talk about your horrible clothing choices!

Why can’t we talk about sports?

Because Rebecca’s clothes don’t match!

They look fine!

I don’t see a problem with them, so let’s talk about soccer!


What’s going on here?

Uhhhh I have to go! 

Yeah, I forgot to…. um….. brush my teeth!

I have to go do ninja stuff!


Sorry, can’t! 


I am out of here!

*All of the dolls run away*

*And so ends the dolls’ attempt to take over*


Well, I guess that ends it.   XD  




Random fact:  Saturn has 62 moons!

Random AG fact:  Over thirty million AG dolls have been sold since 1986!  That is a lot of dolls!

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