Hello (again)

I haven’t really done anything on here since last June, partly because life was crazy and partly because I lost my camera ;P     I have since found my camera and plan to start this thing up again.(I’m hoping for a new one for my birthday, though.)  I won’t have a posting schedule for a while, I know that much.    Expect crafts, though.   I am going to be changing a lot of things, like the header and the theme.


Until next time…..


Alyse and the dolls (But mostly Rebecca)



Random fact: Jupiter has the shortest day of any planet.

Random AG fact: Americangirl.com receives over 47 million visits a year!


5 thoughts on “Hello (again)

  1. Excellent, fantastic, now if only I can finish this comment before my browser refreshes again with different settings … Topics I offer for your consideration for the dolls to make the most of this year include Mars (of course), the relative appeal of different companies’ “colors of the year,” goats (baah), and epigenetics. #dollsinSTEM

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