Meet the dolls

100_1041.jpgRebecca was my first doll and the oldest, and I got her from my Nana in 2011.

Personality:   Rebecca is very dramatic and outgoing, and she doesn’t really care whether her clothes match or not.  Since she is the oldest, she can sometimes be a little bossy.

Age: 11

Likes:  People who appreciate her dramatic abilities, cats, the outdoors, going barefoot, and Arithmetic.

Dislikes: When Audrey tells her that her clothes don’t match, when people tell her that she’s bossy, when people don’t like her acting, and wearing shoes.

Main hobby: Acting.

Other hobbies: Writing, gymnastics, being a ninja, dancing.

Favorite color: Deep, dramatic purple. 

Favorite food:  Blackberry pie.









100_0585Macy is the youngest and I bought her off of eBay some time in 2016 with my own money.


Age: 9

Likes:  Soccer, climbing trees, dogs, Science.

Dislikes: Sitting still, being bored, Arithmetic.

Main hobby: Soccer.

Other hobbies: Softball, Tennis, sports in general.

Favorite color: Blue.

Favorite food:  She doesn’t have one.